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A Play-Based Approach: Integrating concepts with creative expressions

Children can convey ideas through creative expression in both verbal and nonverbal forms, which is an important aspect of communication. It not only encourages kids' inherent creativity and gives them a platform to express their ideas, emotions, and personalities, but it also gives kids another lens through which to view the world. Children's imaginations can be unlocked through creative expression, which encourages them to build ideas, start to review and improve them, and come up with new ones. It combines abilities and thought processes from across the entire curriculum and builds on the experiences kids have both inside and outside of the classroom. One of the first scholars to bring up the topic of converting disruptive energy into creativity was Griss (1994), who proposed that when creative energy is channeled through learning objectives, a thriving positive atmosphere is produced.

For example, the use of movement dispels the myth that arithmetic is rigid, and kids learn to generalize and comprehend math as pattern-seeking and, most importantly, a language. Movements and playfulness help visualize the symmetry and abstract beauty of mathematics, which is relatively easy to imbibe among students overcoming the standard misconception of rigidity and fearfulness about mathematics as a discipline. The new mental pathways are developed as a result of this and are likely to embrace challenges posed by complex problem sets.

Nivedita Paul
Member RR Dept
Pallavi Group of Schools

Dr. Sudha Turaga
Director DPS and Pallavi Educational Institutions
Voluntary Counsellor Manodarpan and CBSE

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