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“For a complete civilization the world is waiting, waiting for the treasures to come out of India, … Little do we understand the heart-pangs of millions waiting outside the walls, stretching forth their hands for a little sip of that nectar which our forefathers have preserved in this land of India.”… Swami Vivekananda

Pandemic and the uncertainty of models and means of reaching education has become a challenge for the future academics all over the world. Every tunnel has a light at the end and that is where the horizon “DISHANK” the dream of authors begins.

In this era, there are schools of various genres and in this age, it is a rat race of competing and gaining momentum over each other leave alone education, business or any field. Dr. Abdul Kalam in his motivational speech on “UNIQUE YOU”, referring to swami Vivekananda reiterated that, every youth wants to be unique. Each of them is “designer made” – only one of its genetic models (not even the twins).

Many skill-based natural inheritances like carpentry, handloom weaving, pottery, agriculture, pharmacy etc are no more inherited. The rich heritage of culture, tradition and skills got unredeemed. Moonis Raza (Education and the Future:A Vision") firmly believed that "Regional development is eco-development”....and the ten point action plan in ‘Talloires declaration’ can be implemented for sustainable future. Thus came the concept of the “DISHANK” A new niche School.

It is the aspiration of the authors that DISHANK becomes a dream project that will bring out the uniqueness and respect for a sustainable future. The conscience within explodes to ignite the imagination and spark the inner inferno of the self and move the child from I, Me, mine to Us, We and ours… a value that is soul inspired.

Dishank the new age school will be a harmonious blend of inheritors of our culture and rituals ie the children. Leadership, ownership of learning the right attitude, empathy and respect will be an integral part of education that will empower and groom our students to be the ambassadors for the human cause

We propose the premises and the facility will have the ambiance of absolute absorption like Kalakshetra, Rishi valley, Aurobindo ashram, (school without boundaries of Japan) with peace and tranquillity. The facility will have the luxury of nature in its true essence plus the creature comforts giving the staff and students the best of both worlds. Residents from various parts of the world will bring the expertise of world culture & education.

It is envisaged to design a curriculum with Artforms of eastern and western, Sports of ancient Indian heritage and western forms, Indian & Western etiquettes, Modern and international. Scientific, spiritual, business and economics, Artificial intelligence and augmented reality, wildlife and ecological structures, Maths of the nature, literature of modern and classical ecosphere, world education and collaboration, synthesis and analysis of local and global products, agriculture and animal husbandry.

The dream to establish DISHANK as a sustainable model fostering the involvement of State Governments of India in the economic policy-making process using a bottom-up approach. Let us explore India and other countries rich in federalism their academic, scientific technological advancements and gain to implement in this new age school and its education. We have a dream and will realise this with collaboration from other countries and our own country investors and design in India.

Come join us in evolving a learning island, “DISHANK”a niche school to realise the unique you.


Mrs.T . Sudha
Director DPS and Pallavi Educational Institutions Voluntary Counsellor Manodarpan and CBSE

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