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English for specific purposes (EFSP)

If touch is called the mother of senses, communication is for relationships. With the belief that Only through communication can human life hold meaning we a team of seven members of Research and Resource centre of Pallavi Educational Institutes started EFSP (English for specific purpose) under the able guidance of the director Ms Sudha Turuga.

For any organisation to be successful all the stakeholders need to be skilful especially with communication. So effective Planning and execution shaped up and lasted for nearly eight to nine months. We had regular online sessions with the teachers of Pallavi Institutes. Today we realise that the unprecedented lockdown time was used in a fruitful way, honing the English language.

EFSP has been a beautiful journey. Learning and teaching English with current topics and articles from newspapers, magazines and of course online resources and news channels too.

Brainstorming and thinking out of the box with Short ted talks, customised power point presentations, videos, interactive games, conversations, listening and speaking activities in breakout rooms of zoom platform. Sometimes repeating the important fundamental points patiently. Fun with vocabulary, grammatical points, pronunciation not leaving few tongue twisters, interacting with stories, narratives, nuances of letter writing, notice writing, report writing etc.

On the other hand, we definitely had our own set of challenges. The wide group of non-English subject teachers to bring them out of their shell, to shed their inhibitions to speak. Once we developed the rapport with them, we took off to give our best. Sessions were effective and fun, not to leave that the participants had the inner drive, a yearning to learn and strive. In the end it was their hard work and perseverance coupled with right attitude that paved way to the learning.

Assessment with google forms both formative and summative and need analysis always drove us to assess their level and design the modules well. To instil skills for independent learning that is futuristic, both self and peer assessments were encouraged. Innovative method of Facilitating self-directed learning with reading material, weblinks and rubrics on the topic “Extroverts and Introverts” was given. With an open ended “WebQuest” a self-assessment tool, was the culminating session.

With lot of bonding, sharing and love, we the RR members have immense satisfaction conducting this EFSP program.

This journey and experience of EFSP also reminds me of Henry Ford – “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. “

Gayethri Mote Research Resource Centre
Pallavi Educational Institutions
2nd June 2021

Gayethri Mote Research Resource Centre
Pallavi Educational Institutions

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