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Benefits Of Online Learning

The education system is increasingly evolving with all schools choosing online learning platforms to enhance the learning experience for students during the Pandemic. It has given rise to optimism for students to enhance individual learning experiences with the aid of digital technologies and improved internet access.
Studies show that when the parents are involved in their education students do better with their learning. The parents serve as mentors for their e-learning experience in an online learning environment. They ensure they complete their assignments and coursework in a timely manner. Practically they give their children guidance and motivation.

Let's look deeper into some of the benefits of online learning for school students.

Benefits of Online Learning –


This is the most significant advantage for school students to get online learning. Learning and teaching may be accomplished at home, using portable tools such as tablets or laptops. Time can be saved with the aid of online learning, and can also concentrate on other successful activities. This also helps students to pick new subjects that they would like to learn and miss common ones.

Parents sometimes do not need to drive you for any online classes. At your convenience, you can study and improve your competencies at home. Parents will be carefree in this case and you will also get the personalized guidance needed. Whenever you need more time for new concepts, or take extra time to practice, you can slow down. You can listen to your lesson, and complete the task at any time. It helps spend the rest of the day organizing research.


We know the timings are fixed during school hours, so you have to study according to the schedule set for the day. As a student you have many balancing duties. Online learning will play a major role here in saving your energy to more successful activities. Because all is accessible online, it is very easy to access the study material and learn new things. And also provided preference in choosing which time or day to know.

As you know students do not need to be present for learning only in the classroom. They can take advantage of online learning with regard to time and place. If not able to go to college, you don't need to think about your education. Parents can help you learn online, so that learning outcomes are better. Sometimes it takes time for learners who are slow in learning to grasp the concept. That kind of learning would benefit those students at their own speed where they can learn.

Fun & Easy

Nowadays students of the school are more involved in learning through enjoyable events. With online classes which have more interesting features, videos , images, documentaries etc. they can learn more effectively. All is aware of the modern world and its applications, thanks to advanced technology. Whenever you wish to study or refer to any study material, learning online can be more efficient.

Availability of Resources

Online learning platforms have a wealth of materials for study. With all the lessons, you can view several films, videos, pages, and sections. You just need to type the content in the search engine that you are searching for. For learning you can extract information about any subject. In case of any questions or concerns related to their home curriculum parents may support their children. And for any doubts about the same can also approach your teachers.

Availability of Instructor

We know students require a lot of support and guidance during their process of learning. Parents can act as instructors at home by giving their children guidance in learning. They can help them to connect with teachers whenever they need clarification and debate. Teachers are always there to help if their studies contend with concepts or theories

Dr. Sudha Turaga
Director DPS and Pallavi Educational Institutions
Voluntary Counsellor Manodarpan and CBSE

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