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Personalised Learning Ladder

The Personalised Learning ladder is a powerful tool to assist the development of every child building on their personal strengths and identifying areas of learning, where learning can be extended and accelerated to a next level without any hassle. It is an essential weapon a teacher can use to enhance engagement among learners. Teaching learning process when includes both teacher and the taught alike can be the best learning model for the growth and the development of every child and thus can benefit every child and the slogan of “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” can be achieved.

The few essential skills required among teachers to create this model are:
1.Observation skills : As teaching requires paying attention to the distinctive needs of all students of all abilities acknowledging that each has different learning and teaching needs.
2.Assessment skills :To get data of student performance that reflects teaching.
3.Tools and techniques for identifying learners pace, level and style.
4.Communication skills :Effective communication with transparency among all stakeholders is pivotal to PLL model.

The myths about child centric curriculum have to be busted with effective technique of scaffolding. As Child Centric model insists on equity rather than equality .Every PLL programme has to be dynamic as it depends upon the child’s improvement. The pathways should change as the student moves from one learning to another learning stage. Most crucial stage of creating PLL is to involve the learners and the Parents while setting the aspirational Goals, standard achievable goals and mapping of learning outcomes. This model is possible through two key techniques .One is differentiation and second is remediation. When teacher is effectively trained to reflect her lesson planning based on the diversified learners and the effective utilisation and analysis of data ,a teacher will be able to create a personalised learning ladder.

Dr. K.Lakshmi Rao
CEO Franchise
Pallavi Group of Schools.

Dr. Sudha Turaga
Director DPS and Pallavi Educational Institutions
Voluntary Counsellor Manodarpan and CBSE

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