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Education is important for progress and sustained growth of a nation. Education, nowadays, is totally technology-oriented. With the changing times, teacher-driven curriculum is changed to multi-disciplinary experts developing course materials, programmers and graphic designers, working together, design modularized learning environment that offers alternative pedagogy to suit different levels of learners. The emphasis is on skills and competency. There is ample scope for learners also to go beyond and explore independently more resources. Educational trends are changing rapidly and new pedagogical approaches to the teaching=learning processes are emerging.

Online education is widely preferred and it is the order of the day! Simultaneously, schools are also geared up to re-design the required infrastructure to create a new learning environment! In the new set up learning is explorative, investigative, enjoyable and full of fun! Technology is transforming centuries-old learning paradigms.

Internet provides resources – massive library of lessons, activities, guidelines and suggestions. Teachers need only to adopt the available resources appropriately for classroom teaching. Students are also open to the realm of new vistas of learning! The teacher shares activities, projects, videos, PPT presentations, etc. from the computer through LCD Projector. The Document Camera can take ‘screen shot’ of a document for multiple uses. Teachers can create lessons with the Smart Board – Math, Computer and Science teachers can transpose matrices, diagrams, charts and templates. An English teacher can assign students to act out a scene from a play (e.g., Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’, Act IV Scene I) and then record the scene to playback for critical analysis on various aspects of that particular scene and discuss characterization). Even print outs can be given to students as handouts. Students also show more interest and participate in the lessons. Thus, the invasion of technology has revolutionised teaching and learning process!

 Teachers can collaborate and share their ideas and resources online.  Students develop research skills.  Both teachers and students have access to an expanse of information.  The ‘flipped classroom’ enables students watch lecture videos as homework and discussion for better understanding and improved performance in the subject.  Digital capabilities, incorporated into classroom instruction provides new opportunities to learn and achieve.  Social Media is also handy for presenting ideas!  Online teaching is, therefore, a credible option.

All this calls for upskilling of teachers and they are required to be trained to integrate technology for effective classroom teaching! Teachers are a mixed lot. While some are extremely tech-savvy, many others are using on-line meeting tool for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic!

Studies have shown that the use of technology in classroom teaching improved student achievement. The question is no longer technology enhancing learning, but rather integrating technology to enhance teaching and learning! However, the essence of learning remains in the hands of the teacher!

P V Seshubabu,
Member, Research & Resource Group

P V Seshubabu
Member, Research & Resource Group

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